Buy Etizolam

Note: The website in the video will look different from the one that the button above takes you to. The checkout process, however, is still the same.


If you’d like a 1 x 10 1mg blister sample, choose the sample CD during checkout. If you’d like a box, [ 10 x 10 1mg blisters ] choose the other option.

“10 x 10 1mg” means that you get 10 blister packs with 10 tablets in each blister pack. The dose is 1mg of Etizolam per tablet.

If you’d like to purchase more than one box at a time, you will need to purchase our Etizolam with Bitcoin using the sidebar to the right of this post.

You receive, [ roughly ] a 15% discount when purchasing one box or more with Bitcoin.

We're Open Again. Our Etizolam Is Currently Being Shipped From India.